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Foster launched in 2023 with one goal: to do debt counselling differently.
We set out to address a gap in the debt counselling industry for a debt review process that shows genuine care for a consumer to successfully become debt-free.
retreat &restore at farm sanctuary
retreat &restore at farm sanctuary

About Us

Campaigns with the primary aim of attracting voluminous consumer sign-up, often at the expense of what is in the best interest of those consumers, are not uncommon in the debt counselling industry. Some misrepresent debt review as debt consolidation or other forms of quick fixes and are aimed solely at collecting initial payments and cross-selling additional financial products.

We embrace a different philosophy. At Foster, we prioritise transparent debt counselling. We focus on getting our clients to clearance and their long-term financial wellbeing. We don't engage in tactics focused on maximum profit-making. We believe in offering sincere, client-focused services that put our clients’ interests first.

What better way to show this commitment than by offering our services for free. Our commitment stems from a deep-seated belief in the importance of helping overindebted individuals simply for the right reasons, without a hidden agenda. We know the journey to becoming debt-free can be challenging, and by providing our services without the burden of fees, we ensure that our clients receive the support and guidance they need without added financial liability. It helps us focus on what really matters: helping our clients become debt-free as soon as possible.

Our Vision

We see a future where each client who begins their debt review journey with us, sees it through successfully, without falling back into over-indebtedness. We strive to empower clients with the confidence and skills to take charge of their finances and embrace a financially healthy way of life.  

We want our clients to feel like they can reimagine a brighter future, in which freedom from debt and financial wellbeing allows them to live their best lives, now and for years to come.

Our Purpose

Financial freedom is about more than the ability to live your life without worrying about money. It’s about having stability as a result of managing your money well. It’s about taking ownership of your finances and it takes time, hard work, and sacrifice.

Becoming debt-free is just one part of this journey. That is why clearing our clients’ debt is just the beginning. We want to dig deeper to understand and address the root cause of our clients’ over-indebtedness, by offering trusted advice and nurturing a healthier relationship between them and their finances.  

We want to help our clients build sustainable financial habits for continued success, even after debt review. We want to instill the confidence in our clients that they can manage their money and keep them moving towards their financial goals. 

Our Values

We do the right thing

We promote a fair and non-exploitative debt counselling and financial services industry.
We challenge the status quo and advocate for consumer protection. By being transparent and acting with integrity, we earn the trust and commitment of our clients. We do what we say we are going to do, always communicate openly and honestly and take responsibility for our actions.

We put clients first

We are not motivated by profit.
Instead, we succeed when our clients succeed. What really matters to us is our clients’ becoming debt-free and their financial growth in the process. We work to understand our clients. Every decision we make is with their best interest in mind. We show empathy and act with genuine care.

Beyond debt review

When debt review forms part of someone’s journey towards financial freedom, it should enable them to build financial capability and maintain it well after the process is complete. Therefore, instead of focusing solely on debt relief, we look at the root cause of their indebtedness, emphasising rehabilitation, and to foster lasting financial health.

Transformation through education

We transform our clients’ relationship with their finances through learning and coaching, building their financial capability in an educational, dignified and disarming way. We improve their overall financial wellbeing and give them the confidence to manage their finances both during and after the debt review.

Raise the bar

We encourage new thinking, and continuously innovate and improve to ensure we are always providing the most effective service and the best value to our clients.

Exceed expectations

We aim to consistently impress our clients. We stay one step ahead, anticipating their needs by always asking, “What more can we do?”
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