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We do debt counselling differently.

Foster wants to change the way you think about money. It’s not just about being debt-free. It’s about having a healthy relationship with your finances again. And unlike other debt counsellors we cover your debt counselling fees, allowing you to focus on becoming debt free.

How do we do it differently?

Behind our mission-driven organisation are funders dedicated to seeing you successfully debt free. Their contribution has sponsored debt counselling applications for individuals genuinely committed to achieving financial freedom.

Is our service really free?

Yes, our service is truly free. We cover all the typical fees associated with debt counselling through our funders' generosity. The only fee you'll pay is a monthly PDA fee to Hyphen, our third-party agent, which is included in your debt counselling instalment. We believe in helping individuals overcome debt without adding financial burden, focusing solely on your best interests. Read more

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We get it

Managing your money isn't easy
It might feel like you’ve failed financially, but you’re just stuck. Everyone faces financial difficulty;

The difference is how you respond to it.

Setbacks do not have to define your worth or the possibility of a great financial future. Tomorrow can be better, and it starts by taking back control today.

The Foster Journey

Financial freedom looks different for everyone and the journey to get there too.

Answering a few questions will help us define yours better and allow us to give you the best possible support. And really, we  just want to get to know you a little.
Start the Journey
We put your best interest first.  We want you to succeed.  And we can back it up with our actions.

Service Fees

Real help, no fees. Our mission is to help you, not profit from you.
We will restructure your debt at no cost. You only pay the renegotiated instalment to your credit providers. How do we sustain our mission to help without charging fees? While we explore avenues to secure funding from institutions who share our vision, our dedication to your financial freedom remains unwavering. The only fee incurred by our clients is the Payment Distribution Agent (PDA) fee. This small charge is directed to a third-party, responsible for efficiently distributing payments to your credit providers. The PDA fee is included in your monthly debt counseling installment.

Nest Egg

We’ll help you build up a savings fund of at least one month’s salary.
It’s our way of ensuring you have a good foundation in place for continued success once you exit debt review.

Legal Advice
& Audit

We thoroughly audit your credit agreements to ensure they are legally compliant.
This means checking for overcharging and potential savings on your debt. Including, debt that has expired (prescribed) or credit extended to you recklessly. While debt counsellors typically charge for this, we won’t. A dedicated legal advisor will also explore all avenues to protect you from repossession.


Debt review is a big commitment, and we want you to feel supported. We have a mentor available to guide you through the decision-making process and explain your debt repayment plan to you when your reach this stage.
Mentor Me

Financial Coaching

Our goal is to use the time you spend in debt review to equip and support you as much as possible to confidently manage your finances during and after debt review. We'll regularly check in with you and do our best to keep you on track in your journey towards lasting financial success.

Are Normal

There’s a lot of stigma attached to debt counselling. It often gets a bad rap. But done right, debt counselling is a good thing. We are committed to providing debt counselling that does what it’s supposed to and more.
How it Works

Free Up

Reduce your monthly debt instalments and free up cashflow.

Your Assets

Protect your assets from being repossessed.


Ensure that all your debt has been settled.


Start building your financial capability.

Why Us?

Debt counselling takes time. We want to use this time to not just get you debt-free, but help you develop a healthy relationship with money again. We want you to be financially successful long after debt counselling.

Putting your success and best interest first, not our profit, is integral to every step of your journey with us.
About Us
To foster means to help something
good grow over time.
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